4 stars

I count myself as a bit of a connoisseur of Doctor Who stories, having been an avid fan of the show since 2005, absorbing every bit of television and extended universe material I could get my hands on. Because of this, you may deduce that it is high praise indeed when I say that Dead Air is definitely one of my favourites.

A BBC-made audio production, Dead Air is narrated by the Tenth Doctor, played by the wonderful David Tennant to his usual high standard. Set on a pirate radio station, it utilises its format perfectly by having an antagonist that uses sound to its advantage.

The unseen menace throughout Dead Air is undeniably creepy and the use of audio techniques made it especially chilling. This is one of the few times I have been legitimately frightened by an audio story or book. The first time I listened to Dead Air, I stopped the CD and had to talk myself into turning it back on again to listen to the final moments. When you get there, you’ll see why.

I can’t recommend Dead Air highly enough to any Doctor Who fans. You may do well to listen to it even if you’re not a particular fan of Doctor Who, as the creepiness of it is universal.