4 stars

My opinion of the first book in this series was mostly just that it was a very intelligent murder mystery with excellent twists and turns right to the end. This one, however, also manages to go brilliantly deep into protagonist Ii-chan’s character and the deconstruction of the facade he puts up to everyone around him, the reader and even himself. Someone told me before I read this how much he loved the main character. From the first book, I couldn’t see it, but now I hold a much deeper love for Ii-chan and most definitely want to read on.

The plot itself, although it isn’t particularly fast-paced and relies a lot on dialogue (as is the light novel format), is well worth it. The twist in the tale is almost as good as the first book, but the bigger twist is more how your opinion on Ii-chan changes even right at the last few pages, shifting your perspective on a lot of the earlier conversations depicted.

If you enjoyed the first book, or even if you were left feeling slight disappointed by it, I definitely recommend this one.