4 stars

A Street Cat Named Bob is the true story of how a recovering drug addict in sheltered accommodation and a stray cat came together just when they each needed the other most.

As others have noted, this is not a particularly well-written book. It’s often clumsily-phrased and repetitive, with somewhat questionable grammar at times, but I didn’t read it looking for beautiful prose. I read it for the promised heart-warming story about a man and his cat, and on this front it did not disappoint.

Not only is this a wonderful story about how a man saved a cat and vice versa, but it gives an important insight into what it’s like for those people who have fallen through the cracks of society. I have been fortunate enough thus far in my life that being ‘invisible’, struggling to make enough money to live on and to find the will not to go back to the ease of drug-use are not troubles I have personally encountered. However, I see these people every day and, like most, I usually choose not to see them because it makes my own life a little easier. Maybe Bob can help me and others to take more notice of such people, and instead to think of their lives. Of course, homelessness is not a simple issue that can just be cleared up by one story of a man and his cat, but perhaps it can help to erase some of the stigma attached. At the very least, this book should leave any cat-lover feeling warm inside and so I heartily recommend it to anyone of the feline leaning.