4.5 stars

Spoilers have been written in white text which can be read by highlighting the relevant passage.

A beautiful book about love, infatuation and growing up. Therese is a likeable character from the start, sweet and yet quite gutsy in many ways, but she only grows more and more interesting.

This is not an overly sentimental book. Throughout most of it Therese is completely infatuated with Carol. Due to Therese’s awe of her, Carol is therefore quite an intimidating and aloof-seeming figure. At times Carol seems to be quite uninterested in Therese, but the way in which Carol’s flaws and vulnerabilities are finally made clear is very satisfying, as she is at last human to both Therese and the reader. Therese’s gentle inquiries as to what love really is are never concretely answered, but the reader can see for themselves the way her infatuation matures into love and admiration.

*SPOILERS* I’d heard beforehand that it had a relatively happy ending, but for the time it was written (and even now, if we’re being honest) that could just mean not ending in death, so I was completely overjoyed at the way the two characters decide to make a go of it at the end. *END SPOILERS*

On the whole, a very enjoyable book with fascinating characters, wonderful writing and a beautifully-rendered relationship.