4 stars

I absolutely loved this book. I read it in one sitting, which is quite unusual for me. The characters were just so compelling and it was quite an easy read.

The main character, Megan, has been mute ever since a traumatic incident several months prior to the start of the book. The details of the incident are teased out slowly and expertly, and the climax at which the true story is revealed is very satisfying. Beyond this mystery for the readers to wonder about, there is also a second mystery involving threats to a supporting character, a beautiful love story, and an insightful and masterfully-written look at grief and mental ill-health.

Megan felt very real to me. Although I have never been mute, I identified strongly with her on several levels, including her experience of not opening up to people and feeling trapped in her own head, as she put it. Her growing infatuation with Jasmine was a joy to read and was at no point cheesy or unbelievable.

I do thoroughly recommend this book, especially for those looking for a novel with well-portrayed incidental LGBT characters which doesn’t end in tragedy.